Some time last year I decided to attempt to make a game for a nintendo ds, here are the results. You can download the game files to run these on your flash cart or whatever else you use for this kinda stuff. Beware most of these are unfinished and quite buggy. All of these were made using the brilliant devkitPro and PAlib software.
Simple input game

This was the first game i made, although its not really a game it detects what buttons are pressed, the location of the stylus and displays some of the users settings and time/date.
download (V 1.0)

V 0.1
This version is only able to detect if the stylus is pressed on to the screen

V 0.5
This version will display if the stylus/which button is pressed.

V 1.0
This is the final version and is able to tell which button is pressed and display the location of the stylus if it is touching the screen. It also displays some of the users Nintendo DS's settings like their username, birthday, alarm clock time, the consoles defult language, their favorite colour and their welcome message aswell as the current time and date.

Tic Tac Toe

This was the second game i made, it looks quite crap and has lots of bugs that cause it to crash. The final version of it is quite playable but still needs work. I got bored quite quickly with this and moved onto somethis else.
download (V 1.50)

V 0.1
This first version isn't even a tictactoe game, its simply a test to move sprites around the screen with the stylus.

V 1.00
This is the first verson of this game that looks and plays like a noughts and crosses game. It has sprites for each piece that are supposed to be dragged on to the table with the stylus.

V 1.01
This is identical to the previous version except it now has text/instructions on the top screen.

V 1.50
This version is simmilar to the previous except it has snazzier graphics

Simple Walking Sprite

This game is a test to move a character around the screen. When the player is on one of the consoles two screens the light of the other screen is switched off as the character movers from one screen to the next the back light illuminates whichever screen he is on

Twinbee DS

This is an attempt at a simple old school 2D shoot-em up in the vein of gradius and twinbee. Unfortunatly even the simplist game is insainly diffcult to code and i abandonned this after a while.
download (V 1.60)

V 1.00
This is the first attempt, the ship moves freely around the lower screen when controled by the d-pad and the simple background scrolls to give the sence of speed and flying

V 1.10
This version features a simple black and white text splash/intro screen where by the user has to touch the lower touchscreen in order to play.

V 1.20
Identicle to the previous, except the text intro screen has been replaced by a scrolling graphical background. The source of the background graphic was from pop'n'twinbee which was released in japan on the super famicon.

V 1.30
The intro screen has been snazzed up a little bit more, there is now a grapical logo in place.

V 1.40
The intro screen has again been modified and cleaned up a bit. The background of the main game has also been changed to a cityscape scene instead of the coloured bands as before. The city background graphic was ripped from the first level of pop'n'twinbee as before.

V 1.50
New to this version are two more intro screens the first is one with an animated cloud ripped from yoshi's island on the snes and some of my contacy info etc, the second is a konami logo they were the people who made the original twinbee game. Other new and improved elements are the abiltly to move the ship on to the top screen aswell as the lower screen and an improved background scrolling that reacts to the speed and direction the ship is traveling in. The top of the screen also displays the postion of the ships sprite on the screen.

V 1.60
This is the last update of this game and features an abiltly to fire bullets from your ship unfortunatly it dosn't work very well and it gave me a bit of a headache trying to fix it, i abandoned this project soon afterwards.

R.C. Pro-am DS

This was an attempt at a top down racing game. Although the game is unfinished it is still playable as a one player time trial. After i got the basics working i decided to add graphics to make it look like an update of the classic Nintendo game R.C. Pro-am.
download (V 0.5)

V 0.1
Ok, so this version is pretty simple the track is an oval stretching over both screens and the car only goes at one speed when driven by the d-pad and the A button. The values displayed on the lower screen are the cars x and y postions and the angle its driving in.

V 0.2
This version adds a simple gear system. By pressing the R button the cars moves up a gear and its speed increases, to decrease speed press the L button to move into a lower gear. Apart from that this is the same as the previous version. There is some additional text on the lower screen that shows the gear and the steering sensitivity aswell as a lap counter.

V 0.3
Updates include an intro screen of my animated cloud logo like in the previous game aswell as a title screen with a modified graphic from the Nintendo R.C. Pro-am game. The main game has been changed from a small track stretching across two screens to a bigger track only viewable upon the top screen, this track pans and moves as the car is driven around. The lower screen now shows a info hub, with the debugging text/values as before. The hub on the lower screen will eventually show race information, but for the moment it is static.

V 0.4
I have now added a lap timer and a better lap counter to the lower screen. Eventually these two items will become graphical, however for now they are simple text.

V 0.5
Although this isn't a final version it is the last update i made. The title screen has an option to select either a short, medium or long track aswell as a special mario kart inspired rainbow road. Thats four tracks intotal to race around, although i never got the chance to add any other competitors you could always try and beat you best time.

3D Driving Demo

This is just a demo, i wanted to see how hard it would be to make a racing demo kinda like Mario Kart on the snes. I havn't even put a car in this project so it kinda seems like your walking down a road in a first person shooter view. This demo uses a type of scrolling called mode 7 its what made SNES games like Mario Kart and the flying airships scenes in Final Fantasy possible.
download (V 0.2)

V 0.1
In this first version you can move forwards, backwards, left, and right aswell as zooming up and down. This showed me that it was possible to make something that looked kinda cool without to much effort.

V 0.2
I corrected the controls in this version so that pressing the A accelerates and B reverses also you can only turn when you are traving either forwards or backwards, this makes it seem more like a cars movement as opposed to a FPS. The plan was to add a car so you can see what you are moving however i never got around to making it.


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