Battle Fantasia
Just bought this game for my PS3, will review it soon.

Nokia E71
Wow! Hopefully a longer review for my new phone will get written by me at some point and appear here soon!

iPod Shuffle

I always wondered why people buy those silly 1 GB mp3 players when they can get a 100 GB powerhouse to carry every song they own and a whole lot more. Well after 10 days of using my shiny new red shuffle I now know, why spend the whole of your journey deciding which song to play from a library of thousands when you can simplify matters with a 250 song mix of your favorites. Up until last week I used to dread the first 10 minutes of my journey to work as it would involve scrolling through 348 artists trying to decide which of the 791 albums I want to listen to. Thatís a total of 6968 songs I was taking with me every day, pointless considering most of them I hardly ever listen to anymore. Thatís where the beauty of the shuffle comes in to play, you set it to auto fill from a selected play list in itunes say your top rated or highest played. Then in the morning just press play to hear a mix it all. Its like having a 30 packs of fruit pastels without those dirty orange ones all crammed in to a device no bigger than a square of hubba bubba bubble gum, and like a piece of bubble gum you can stick it anywhere thanks to its little clip, genius. The only downsides are obvious absence of a screen, although it brings back memories of an old tape walkman and not knowing where you are or what track you are on.


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