Wow an update.

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The ringing in my ears...

...has only jusy started to die down.

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First update in 2009, WOW!

Its been a while since i updated this website, I guess I'd almost forgotten about it!, Ive uploaded a whole host of new pictures that i took towards the end of last year. Below are some of my favorites.

And below is a picture Sarah took of me.


Some nice new photos!

Most of these were taken either yesterday or the day before, more photos can be found here.
Hello Again.

Long time, no update!

New pics.

Im currently listening to a selection of tracks from the following albums:
The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward
YMCK - Family Genesis
The Kooks - Konk
Foals - Antidotes
Transistor Transistor - Brass Bones
International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Takin' It Ova!
Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Angels
PopChop - The remix project 1 and 2
Dr. Dre - 2001

Im also currently playing GTA IV (PS3) and Karous (wii). And making my way through the second season of The Ofice USA.

Time for bed now as its just gone 04:02am.

What have i been up to i here you say? Well I went to see "You Say Party, We Say Die" last week at ULU in London. They were pretty shit, for such a fun band that ive seen many times previously i expected more. The venue seemed to have really shit sound and the band played only a handful of songs from there debut album which was a shame as there second CD is pants.

The following week i was blessed with the chance to go and see Idlewild at Koko in Camden. It was a tour in support of their recently released best of record. This meant they would be playing all the classics from back in the day, instead of the shit folky influenced material of recent years. Well they didn't dissapoint, the set they played was spot on and included all the classics from the first two records and a few from their later releases. They also came back on for an encore at the end and played the first two songs they released as 7" vinyls over 10 years ago and thus made the crowd go fucking mental. Definatly one of the most enjoyable gigs ive been to in a long time!

I havn't updated this site in over a month so there are a shit load of new photos for you to glance over at, 97 to be precise. Below is a little selection of some of my favorites. Enjoy.

There are pictures of Jack the dog,

pictures of Domo the monster on his tragic journey into egham,

and close up macro pictures of random objects.

The pictures above are of a Harry Potter Lego figure casting a magical spell and writing my initials made using some funky camera tricks.

Hope you had a happy Halloween!


I saw a lttle monster creeping about the house this morning, i grabbed my camera and managed to get some pictures of him. View the full set of pictures here

My current playlist consists of the following albums...
The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me
Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation
iDLEWiLD - Scottish Fiction
iDLEWiLD - A Distant History
The Libertines - Up The Bracket
The Libertines - The Libertines
Fun with a coloured flash

After receiving some coloured light filters through the post this morning i decided to put them to use. The picture on the left is the filters. The second is a Nintendo Famicom Robot photographed through a fisheye lens and a red flash and the third is a picture of lens and a cup of tea using a green flash filter.

My current playlist for the next few days consists of the following albums

A.F.I - All Hallows EP
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Madonna
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command
The Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits
Bit Shifter - Information Chase
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm [Japan Bonus Tracks]
The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn
Blur - The Best Of (Disc 1)
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
Broken Social Scene - To Be You And Me [EP]
Circle Takes The Square - Circle Takes The Square
City Of Caterpillar - S/T LP
Converge - Jane Doe
Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Deftones - White Pony
Dillinger Escape Plan - Under the Running Board
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
Good Shoes - Think Before You Speak
Green Day - Dookie
Hot Chip - The Warning
Soundtracks - Video Game - Mega Man 2

It works out at 284 songs or 17.5hrs of music.
New toy

Hello went to London after work with the intent of buying a red iPod shuffle to go with my regular 60gb iPod. There is a picture of it below


Wow check out my new Onitsuka Tiger pumps. Fresh from the box in the photo below, they look brownish but according to the box its dark grey with champagne gold stripes.


Welcome to my new site!!!

This website is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 8 or Apple Safari 3.

Don't steel my shit, please ask if you would like to use any of my photos in a project of your own.

Feel free to send fanmail to the following email paulgreen84 at aol.com, a paypal donation would be nice :)
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